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Monday, June 03, 2013

New site is coming up! :D

Hello, my fellow homo-sapiens.!
Happy Monday! LOL! I know this is too early, like it's only 6 o'clock in the morning, and I'm awake?! Is this for real?! LOL! Actually, I haven't been sleeping since last night. Yerp, that's true. Insomnia attack perhaps? LOL! So, yeahh..the title says it all. I'm moving my blog to my new site! Hee..I just bought a domain which is, of course, with my name. Haha! 'Cause like, what other name should I use for my URL? Though AeChi-holic sounded a little too, to say this. I don't know. But, yeahh..Stuff happens, people change, but life gos on. LOL! How irrelevant is that?? XD
Anyways, my new site is still under maintenance, but it will be up very soon. *yeayy!* 
Oh, and at my new site, there will be like art, food, music, beauty, fashion, and photography related stuff in it too. So, don't forget to drop by when it's up! :D 

P/s: If you want to be inform once my site is up, just drop by your email addresses down below in the comment section. I'm just sayin' "IF". LOL! 

Until then, 


eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D