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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Girls Bedroom Theme Idea.

So,  I was searching through the internet last night for some bedroom theme inspiration since my room now is kind of a huge mess. And I stumbled into this one! I immediately fell to it! Why? Because It's not too childish, yet not too boring with some kind of dull beige. I admit, I'm still a child at heart who's stuck in this 20's years old lady. LOL! ;P
This is the perfect theme, because it looks classy with lots of Eiffel Tower decals. I already have some of the Eiffel Tower decals on my walls, however what kind of gets in the ways is that my bedroom walls are already painted in rosy pink! :(
Ugh! Nevermind about, I have my MARshmallow to helps me with it. Maybe some colors changes won't do any harm. ;P

So, yeahh. We'll be re-organizing my room by nextweek. So, "maybe" I'll upload some photos after the process done. Just MAYBE. ;D

With Love,

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