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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Datuk Lee Chong Wei settles for Silver?

[August 05th, 2012] :

Tonight's hot topic probably about Datuk Lee Chong Wei loses to Lin Dan, where he won a Silver medal instead of Gold.
As I can see, most people are proud of him, and not to forget some are "not so proud" of him. Some complaints and some praises. Oh, well..It's a tradition in any competitions where there will always be someone who win and lose. But in my point of view, I didn
't see him as a loser. He is one of the winners who gets through hardness to be in the final. He is not the one to blame for being a second best in the whole world. At least, he has tried his best to make us proud. Imagine what would you feel if others are saying that you let your own country down? It's not easy to be in his situation though. People are expecting too much, and when he fails to be as what the people expected, people would says that he didn't do his best, and so on. Try to be in his shoes, and feels all the pressure he has to face. It doesn't really matter that he only won a Silver, remember that he brings our country's name, Malaysia to the rest of the world to be known. He's still one of the champion badminton players in the whole world. He DID win somehow, and makes us proud.

P/s: I'm not going to debate about this, I'm just saying my thoughts out loud. :)

#MalaysiaBoleh ~ ;3 

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