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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Girls Bedroom Theme Idea.

So,  I was searching through the internet last night for some bedroom theme inspiration since my room now is kind of a huge mess. And I stumbled into this one! I immediately fell to it! Why? Because It's not too childish, yet not too boring with some kind of dull beige. I admit, I'm still a child at heart who's stuck in this 20's years old lady. LOL! ;P
This is the perfect theme, because it looks classy with lots of Eiffel Tower decals. I already have some of the Eiffel Tower decals on my walls, however what kind of gets in the ways is that my bedroom walls are already painted in rosy pink! :(
Ugh! Nevermind about, I have my MARshmallow to helps me with it. Maybe some colors changes won't do any harm. ;P

So, yeahh. We'll be re-organizing my room by nextweek. So, "maybe" I'll upload some photos after the process done. Just MAYBE. ;D

With Love,

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Datuk Lee Chong Wei settles for Silver?

[August 05th, 2012] :

Tonight's hot topic probably about Datuk Lee Chong Wei loses to Lin Dan, where he won a Silver medal instead of Gold.
As I can see, most people are proud of him, and not to forget some are "not so proud" of him. Some complaints and some praises. Oh, well..It's a tradition in any competitions where there will always be someone who win and lose. But in my point of view, I didn
't see him as a loser. He is one of the winners who gets through hardness to be in the final. He is not the one to blame for being a second best in the whole world. At least, he has tried his best to make us proud. Imagine what would you feel if others are saying that you let your own country down? It's not easy to be in his situation though. People are expecting too much, and when he fails to be as what the people expected, people would says that he didn't do his best, and so on. Try to be in his shoes, and feels all the pressure he has to face. It doesn't really matter that he only won a Silver, remember that he brings our country's name, Malaysia to the rest of the world to be known. He's still one of the champion badminton players in the whole world. He DID win somehow, and makes us proud.

P/s: I'm not going to debate about this, I'm just saying my thoughts out loud. :)

#MalaysiaBoleh ~ ;3 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 1st, 2012 : Post... ;3

I've been away for a quite long time. (=_____=")
I'll be blogging back soon. Maybe not tomorrow, but SOON ~ ;P
So, 'til then..toodles!


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Harian Metro: Tablet Edition (March 28th, 2012)

Again, my photo appeared somewhere on the front cover of Harian Metro.
It's for Tablet Edition though.
In case you've missed it,
here I got a copy of the front cover from myMetro page:

Haha..I actually didn't know that it will be published again. ;P
First, it was Puteri Metro (you read my post about it HERE.), and now this.
Well, it's the same topic, but in a different segment. :)

AeChi ♥

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Harian Metro: Puteri Metro (March 21st, 2012)

I'm thankful for the wonderful opportunity. :D
Thanks, Harian Metro. :)

So,..umm...yeahh...haha..I don't know what else to say. (~_~")


Saturday, March 10, 2012

[10.03.2008 - 10.03.2012] : 4 years and still counting until forever ~ ♥


Here we are today.

We’ve been black and blue before.

Yet nothing can stop us to be together.

This is what we’ve chose, it’s to love each other.

I’m not perfect, but I’ll try my best to be the one for you.
Because that’s what I’ve promised you right from the start.
With every beat of my heart, with every breath that I take.
You will forever be the love of my life.
People stop and stare, judging us as if they have any idea about us.
I admit, our love is not ordinary. It is EXTRAordinary.
Not everyone can accept this, only several will understand.
But I don’t care about what they think or even what they say.
I’m in love with you, and that’s all that matter the most.
Even though they say that this is wrong, but who are they to judge.
They’re not in our shoes. They don’t see it like we do.
To me, LOVE is beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with it. 
Hating the love is their problem to deal with.
Just so you know, I’ll keep on loving you as long as I live.
This is a promise to my own heart.
You’re perfect to me.
There are nobody who can stick with my attitude.
I’m a mess in a dress, a headstrong little freak, psycho-kinda girlfriend. 
Yet you still said that I’m the best, and you even accept me at my worst.
What else can I ask for? 
I’ve found my most perfect soulmate.
And trust me, I will never let you go.
You’re my other half, I won’t be complete without you.
I’m sorry if I ever harm you with my words and actions.
I never meant for it to happen, yet it happens anyway.
You see, we’re in this hot and cold, love-hate relationship.
But we still stuck with each others madness.
If loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

P’s: I LOVE YOU to the moon and back, LOVE. ~ ♥

[10032008 ~ 10032012]

4 years and still standing strong. :’)

*nuff said*

Still in process of recovering, 

yet chose to go out with ♥ to celebrate our 4 years of sweet&sour -ness! ;D 

[10032008 ~ 10032012]

So, yeah.. I had fun the whole day today even tho I'm not fully recovered yet.But still, it is a beautiful day well spent. ;)

AeChi ♥

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I was bored at dawn, so this is what happen. ;D

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars (chipmunk cover) by tracy-edward

If you ever leave me, baby 
Leave some morphine at my door 
'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication 
To realize what we used to have 
We don't have it anymore

There's no religion that could save me 
No matter how long my knees are on the floor 
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin' 
Will keep you by my side 
Will keep you from walkin' out the door

'Cause there'll be no sunlight 
If I lose you, baby 
There'll be no clear skies 
If I lose you, baby 
Just like the clouds 
My eyes will do the same 
If you walk away 
Everyday, it will rain, rain, rain

So, yeah..that is basically what happen. :p

Aechi ♥

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sticks and Stones. Sick and Frown. No no NO.

I've been sick for almost a week now. 
Well, yeah..I know once I caught with a sickness, it'll always ended for days.

I got a lots of interesting stuff to do, but I have to postpones every each one of them.
And that feels pretty bad. 

I even missed lots of classes.
I just can't wait to get better and recover.

Okay, I'm done complaining about my sickness.
There are supposed to be some other things to talk about here instead of this horrible sickness I'm currently suffering, right?
For example, other topic to complain!
Yeapp!! ;D

Drama, dRama, drAma, draMa, dramA, DRAMA!!

So, these early months of 2012 hasn't been so nice to me.
No no NO, actually the year itself are nice, just a few people chose not to be so nice this year.  Especially towards me. I'm not going to complain much. 
But, I'm just going to say what's on my mind, okay?

The first case is about this girl. It's actually started last year, 2011. And I just found out about it early this year when a friend of mine told me. I don't know what her problem is. She seems to like to talk about non-related stuff on her blog. To be more specific? It actually means, the stuff which is don't have anything to do with her at all. Well, you see..I don't even know this girl or even notices her existence. I've never in a million years ever claimed myself for being famous since I am not, and I'm always aware of that. I don't know why she even wasting her time talking crappy stuff about me on her blog. One thing I know is that she claimed to be full of sarcasm, famous and love insulting others and even love the uses of foul language. (=.=") 
Oh, well..I hope she'll enjoy it very much tho. Because I don't want to waste any of my precious time to mind about that silly little thing. :)

The second case: There are two unknown guys on FB messing with me and talks dirty stuff in my inbox. Seriously? (=.=") It's obviously fake FB accounts they're using. They're not even in my friends list. Gosh! Perverts should stay away from me. I've reported and blocked both accounts. 

Third case? Well, let just not mention about that. This is the worst amongst all, but I think I better not talk about it. It's just a waste of time. Let just say I chose not to tolerate with immatures. ;)

The fourth case is actually about a few girls from the dorm. I got the news from a friend who is living in hostel. I don't know why people seems to be interested in talking sh*tty stuff about me when the truth is I have no idea who they are. Weird, isn't it? Oh, well..I took it as a compliment tho. Since there are sayings that says: "You know you're awesome when people you don't even know hate you. And that's when you know you're the best.*This sayings also goes well referring the case #1.* ;)

The fifth case? This actually have a connection with the first and third case. Some people seems to enjoy interfering in other people's business. Seems like they don't have anything better to do other than sparking the fire that is already burning. 

I kind of pity these type of people. They talk as if they know everything including the Heaven and Hell. (=.=") Whatever then, I'll just let them be. Nobody have the rights to judge anybody, right? :)

So, there they goes. Too much to deal with? Yeah, I know. Too much drama, too busy to bother. I don't care what those people are going to say about me anyway. I didn't born, live, and exist just to please any of them. They don't mean anything to me at all, so why wasting my time on them. Am I right? I know I am. :) 

Guess next time if I have to face any of this annoying incidence again, 
I'll just flash a smile and leave them behind. :D

To the Haters: I have something for you. Click >>> HERE! ;)
"Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate, Waiters gonna wait, Painters gonna paint, Alligators gonna alligate, Tomatoes gonna tomate, Graters gonna grate, Bakers gonna bake."

Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead.” ― Fannie FlaggFried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

There there goes my rant. :p
Til then, buhbye ~ (^_^)

Aechi ♥ 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo-shoot with the NATAP-ians [29thJanuary2012] ~ :D

Hello there, my dusty blog ~ ;P
It's been awhile since my last updates. lol!
Well, here I am updating about the exciting activity I had last Sunday, which is on January 29th, 2012. :-)
I had the chance of having an AWESOME experience on a photo session as one of the talent with the great Natap Photography. :D
The theme is VINTAGE! and I love it! :D
It's going pretty well. :)
Thanks to all of the photographers for guiding me with the poses and stuff. *I'm a shy girl, okay??? ;p*

Image source: Natap Photography

Like these pages for more awesome photography!

So, that's it for today's update. :D 
Don't forget to like those pages, eh?
Aechi ♥ 

eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D