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Friday, February 11, 2011

11022011 : She curse with her mouth shut ~ ♥

Arrrggghhhh!!! I'm friggin' bored!! I'm just awake & you already went to bed?!?!? (>.<")
WHAT THE......!! Ehh?? (o.O")
Well, hello there... (~.~")
I'm currently listening to If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift by the way~ 
It makes me feel very disappointed since I missed out her Speak Now Tour in Singapore a few days ago...Ughhh!!! *cries*
I need my Panda!!!! Where are you???
Huhuhu....please Please PLEASE, make this damn regret go away!!! Uhh!!
Okay, leave that behind for awhile...*trying to change the subject*
Oww, yeahh...yesterday I went to 1Borneo with MarMar to find a guitar for a friend....
She asked us to help her buy a guitar, one with purple in color...
First we went to the shop where she saw a purple guitar once, which is at KK Plaza..
But we couldn't find the shop, I guess it's already been we decided to go to 1B instead...
and blahblahblah, we managed to buy a blue guitar for her....
and blahblahblah....reached home! 
O'Gosh, I'm so not in the mood for blogging right now...ughh!

I just need my Momo-kun.... (>.<")

Hurmm...I guess that's all for now...
Until then.. Ciao, Dollies~ ;)

Aechi ♥
- WeHeartIt *dosen't = doesn't*

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