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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Talk Fashion, Not Trashin'!" by: LAID-BACK SHOPAHOLIC

Hello there, pipol~!! :D

Yayy!! I've made a blogshop, Laid-Back Shopaholic!!
But, I haven't manage to post all the phodohs there since my internet connection being such a b*tch!! (>.<#)
PLUS, I've been very busy with college and stuff too~ (=.=")

Here are some infos about Laid-Back Shopaholic:

Laid-Back Shopaholic was established in 2010 by Fashionholics. It is an online based store from Borneo Island, Malaysia, and it all started when the Girls get an idea to share about their fashion senses.

Company Overview:
The ideas are to sell stuffs that are fashionably-fashionable to the Shopaholics via online. The girls named it Laid-Back Shopaholic because it easier to shop online rather than have your beautiful legs hurt from walking around the mall just to find that "Little-Black-Dress" when you can actually just LAY-BACK and SHOP!
Our clothes are Ready Stock and are actually hand-picked by the Fashionholics' fashion senses.
We are willing to work harder to obtain the thoughts and feedback from all the lovely dollies, ladies, girls, females, and also the opposite of them from around Malaysia on what style they’re expecting from our store. "Talk Fashion, Not Trashin'!" Girls, save your energy! Be one of the Laid-Back Shopaholic!

And here is the sneak peak of the clothes that I'm selling~ :D
[Click the image above to enlarge]
Oww, HEY!!
Did I mention that almost all of the clothes I'm selling are wallet-friendly?? 
Did I?? DiD I?? DID I?????
YES!!! I'm NOT joking!!!
Most of the clothes' prices are LESS than RM50!!! :D
Feel free to drop by and happy browsing~!!
Anything? Just ASK!! =)

Okay wait, since the blogshop aren't quite functioning yet.. (~.~")

Any inquiries or whatsoever, just drop your Q's or your whatsoever to the page's wall~ ;D
Or, you can also drop your 
suggestions, thoughts & point of lovely views 
HERE!! :

Aechi ♥

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