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Friday, September 03, 2010

How to achieve 1MALAYSIA, if people like this EXIST???

Just now, I was tagged on a photo by a friend from FaceBook.
I was so shocked and felt insulted after viewing it!
Here's the photo which I was tagged into..It is actually a print screen photo...
Just look and read about what's this idiot guy state in his wall!!
How ridiculous??!?!
Why do he need to compare both state?? It's just so stupid!!
Come on, we're Malaysian..We're in the same country...
What's with all the insulting and bragging about???
How are we supposed to achieve ONE MALAYSIA if this type of MALAYSIAN CITIZEN acts exist????
All he ever do is putting both states apart!! That's such a dumb thing to do!!
Gosh!!! Grow up and be mature, LUCA LUCAS!!!!

"Lets participate in achieving ONE MALAYSIA, instead of bad-mouthing each other!!!"

*in the style of Barney, the purple Dinosaur!*
I Love You
You Love Me
We Are All Malaysians
With A Lots of Races and Religions Too
F*ck with All The Racism

By: Tracy Edward

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eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D