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Thursday, July 29, 2010

She’s so good in letting people down…

Before, I was like VERY excited for going to’s because I’ve been staying at home for so long after graduate high school…I only worked for a couple of months tho. So, yeah..that’s what makes me can’t wait to start college, meet new friends and start studying again! lol..The first day of class was going pretty good, except for the couple of dumb b*tches who called me “stupid” for no f*cking reason… (=.=”)

After a week of going to college, there’s this lecturer, Miss D…I don’t quite know about what’s wrong with her…she acted a bit cold to’s started after I corrected her in class, where she stated the wrong answers for my tests paper..and also for giving me a lower marks in English presentation…*you guys can refer here regarding about the presentation* ..after all the hard works I put through, not missing classes, highest marks on all the tests and passed up all the assignments and projects, I got A- for Final Exam result?? Gosh!! What the f*ck is wrong with her??? ;((

That was the past semester..Now, I don’t quite know what’s wrong with me..I’ve lost all the eagerness to study, lost my excitement on attending classes, and here I am with a bunch of unfinished assignments and projects!!! OMG!! This is all because of her and her IGNORANCE!!! This is so not me!! She’s so good in letting people down! UGH!!

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