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Saturday, May 01, 2010

hahaha!!! why is your class awesome?? is it because A) the class is very interesting B) You made sooo many new friends that you actually like or C) Because you *winks* is there by your side all the time?? hahahaha.... XD

"C"!!!!! XD
-A- Okay2xlarr....
=B= they kinda SUX waa!!!! nobody want to come near us neee.....hahaha...dunno y oww....mayb we look sombong o wat??? but the truth is, we're the 1 who dun wanna get close to them..thay're so daymmm LOUD waa!!! shyte!! i come 4 study, not trippin to be popular o something~ just LIKE what THEY ARE CHASING at!!!! immature~ childish~ (=.=")


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