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Monday, April 12, 2010

*Update* College Is Just Around The Corner ~ XD

I'm bored!!
Haizz...I don't know what to post actually...
So, let me just talk craps!! LOL!! XD
Like WTH??!! It's my blog, I can post anything!!!
Random Stuff!!!!!

=Starting College!!=

I'll be starting my study this end of the month (April)!!!
LOL!! I know!!!
I've wasted a year staying at home~ Haha!!!
So, I'll be taking Diploma in Computer Graphic Design at Cosmopoint International College of Technology, Kota Kinabalu...
Uhh~ yeahh...I decided to take Diploma instead of Degree~ (-_-")
Idiot, eh?? But whatever~ it's my decision and I hope these won't ended up with regrets!!! (>_<)
However, with all the excitement to continue studying, I HAVEN'T MAKE ANY PREPARATION!!!
OMG??!! It's only 2 weeks to go!!!! (>o<)

ARRGGHH????!!!! This is driving me insane!!!! DX

~I'm going crazy!!~


eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D