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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Bored Survey ~ #1

I'm Bored Survey
your real nameTracy Edward
best friendsZaza & Val
age u r now19 years + 19 months old
fav sayingWTF?!
1 random thing abot uTAKEN
1 random thing about a new friendOk?
1 random thing about a old friendAlways there
how many pets do u have2 dogs
do u have a mp3Yup
do u have a cellOf cours
how many myspaces do u have1?
fav bandParamore
shoes u wore todaySandals?
shirt u wore todayBreaking The Limit Tee?
what is todayMonday
what time is it12:07AM
do u wear make upA little...
do u go to the mallOf course
r u a myspace addictNope
any siblingsYup, 6 includes Me!
fave song or songsBaby, Never Be Replaced, Telephone, Love Story
been to or goin to any concerts latlyNope
what did u do for ur last b-dayHang-out with my buddies and Love-ones
1 thing better inur life this yearGoin to college?
anotherI'm still going on with my Love-ones?
fav animal or petPuppy & Gold Fish

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