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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I never work before..BUT...

Now, I work as a Junior Sales Representative at The MOD House ~
*MOD = Malaysian Original Designs
It is located in many places.
In West Malaysia, you can visit them at Mid Valley, Bangsar, Parkson Pavillion and Gurney Plaza~
While in East Malaysia (Sabah), you can find them at Palm Square (Centre Point, KK), Eastern Plaza (Tawau), June Boutique (Sandakan) and the newly opened at Suria Sabah (KK).

I work at The MOD House, Palm Square Centre Point outlet~ :p

*you can visit The MOD House website by click HERE!!! ^^

So,'s tiring~ :(
but I can get much experience from it~ :))
I really appreciate it that I can get the chance to be accepted in this job..
I can learn more things everyday, although I only been working for 2 weeks~
I'm looking forward for more things to learn!! :))


eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D