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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Today's Activities (02DEC): Meet Up Mar~

Today I go jalan2x with..
Mar & Carol... ^^
Zaza was supposed to join us, but she didn't...
It's because there are some things that came up to her and she can't avoid~ =.="
*i think the moon came by to pay her a visit~ LOL! :p*

Okay, 1st..
I meet up with Mar at the Bus Terminal at 11++PM...
and then we go jalan2x around the Wawasan Plaza to cool ourselves with the free air-conditioner there! :P
After a while, we start walking at the Api2x Centre to get to Centre Point Plaza...

Bila sampai CP jak..
apalagi, trus went to the basement to the Nasi Ayam RM2.80~
(nahh! start ody the MaNglish!! XD)
We both haven't had breakfast bha~
So daym hungry lagi tue...hee~
We ordered 2 Nasi Ayam, Coke & Cola Float~
Hee~ The Cola Float of course is mine!! :P
Mm...while we were waiting for the foods,
tetiba muncul Mar's friend, Niki~
They cita2xlah, me pula buat bodo jerr..haha
(actually, xsabar the food smpai! XD)

after makan2x~
we go to the POSE Boutique~
I bought a cute white tee!! ^^
(this picture is credited to PoseBoutique)

Nice huh?? x)

urmm...after i bought tis shirt,
we went to the store at the 2nd floor~
i don't know what it called... o.O"
Mar bought a skinny there~
hee..only RM19.90 arr??!!
SALE~ waa...hahaha

entah brapa lama pastu, Carol pun sampai~

Eh, guys~
Next post bru story yg Carol smpai~ ;P

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