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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Today's Activities (02DEC) Sequel: Sesampainya Carol~ (uysehh! xP)

I just awake~ =.="
Huhu~ I had a stomachache today early in the morning~

I fell asleep last night~
Xsmpat continue the story~
Okay, lets continue~

After Mar bought a skinny at 2nd floor tue~
Carol meet us there~
Then we go to Warisan~
Kunun2x maw JobHunt laa..hahaha
1st, we went to San Francisco Cafe~~
Hahaha!! Then The Body Shop~
But, seriously~ I don't have any idea about what we're doing~ =.="

After we pnat jalan2x~
We went to the Wardrobe Cafe~
And, there's where the stupidest damn incident happen!!!
Rupanya still got bha human beings yg still teda Tamadun ne!!
Urghh!! Awful behaviour!! x(

I'll continue this in the next post with the stupid guys' photos I captured!
Hold on...

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