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Saturday, December 05, 2009

TaylorSss!! XD

Owh, well..
Just F.Y.I, I'm not quite a big fans of Twilight, New Moon, TAYLOR LAUTNER or what-so-ever~
However, I'm definitely a BIG fans of Taylor SWIFT!!! XD
and I find that she's dating Taylor Lautner are SO cool~!!
It is!! Taylor dating Taylor, it sounds kinda cute~!! ^^

While I was surfing through the WWW,
I found out an article at the ~
It's about the couple, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift: A Day Together ~
Aww~ What a sweet Headline!! x)
So, here's the article I'm talking about~

(this article and photos are credited to and

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift:

A Day Together

Making the most of a Thursday evening, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted out to eat at Benihana restaurant in Beverly Hills last night (December 3).
The “Twilight” stud and his rumored “Love Story” girlfriends looked so happy together as they enjoyed some quality time at the popular hibachi eatery.

Earlier in the day, Lautner and Swift were busy filming reshoots for their sure-to-be-hit film “Valentine’s Day” at a local high school’s football field.
In the film, Taylor and Taylor play the homecoming king and queen Samntha Kenny and Tyler Harrington.  “Valentine’s Day” hits theaters February 12th, 2010.

Enjoy the pictures of Taylor Lautner out with Taylor Swift (December 3).

~End of article~

(the article and photos above are credited to and

Aww~ What a sweet couple~!! Wishes you both all the best!! I love Taylor Swift!!! XD

~GOD Bless This beautiful Couple~ ;)


  1. Sweet couple! :)

    Pass by from Innit! Have a nice day! :)

  2. BabyMocha
    thanks for passing by~ ^^
    yeah!! both of them are total sweethearts~!! ;)


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