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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Beating Heart

A Beating Heart
Originally uploaded by a love revolution

Inspired by "Bigger Than Love" by My Favorite Highway.

I love this so much~!! ^^

Some craps by ME... :P

I like the band called NeverShoutNever..
Especially their songs Jane Doe and 30 Days...
Because 30 Days tells much about us.

Sometimes I'm giving up..
but you say Never Say Never..
well, that's the song by The Fray...

I sometimes act like a spoiled Princess..
But Taylor Swift's White Horse explain all about it..
that I'm not a Princess and this ain't a Fairytale...

Yet Paramore still tease me..
Hayley William says, "She lives in a fairy tale,
Somewhere too far for us to find."

and they gonna Bury my Castle...

Elisa Toffoli says, "My heart couldn't feel the beauty of the rising sun"..
So I took her words..
and I chose to keep just pieces of truth..
that only time will tell and heal...

I'm not quite sure what the crap I'm bluffing about here... :P

Beautiful Disaster...

beautiful disaster
Originally uploaded by breaking beautifully

"I made a mess of me I wanna get back the rest of me
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna reverse this tragedy
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my live alive"

This is what I actually feel right now... :'(

Friday, December 11, 2009


Falling (13/365)
Originally uploaded by Becoming Kimberly

"I feel like I'm not the same person I was before. I feel like I'm not happy. I just want to let everything go. I want everything to fade away. My thoughts, emotions, everything."

Song : Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine


Originally uploaded by AeChiADDICT
This is not actually foods!! XD

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creepy but nice~ ^^

"I've opened up my eyes, so tell me what I see
I've opened up my mind, so tell me how to think
Use your big words and show me how to speak
You can't live your life through me
I can't believe you think it's that easy

Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design

Following you and your promised guarentees
Free to choose as long as I live your dreams
You say my own weight could never be carried
I'll agree to disagree, I can't believe that you are that naive"
-Product of my own Design by Trapt

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Taylor Swift- Love Story(explore!)

"Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad you'll pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes"

Heart Beats...

Heart Beats...
Originally uploaded by AeChiADDICT

Honey dear...
I just want you to know that..
my heart beats ONLY for YOU~!! ^^

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If You Love Me...

Won't you let me know?
If you love me..
Please gently let me go... 

Got this image and quotes from Flickr and credited to: ellz.almighty

It's nice, huh? ^^

Monday, December 07, 2009

Are You an Angel or a Devil?

So I play the FB's quiz titled as "Are You an Angel or a Devil?"~
and my result are : >>>
Pure angel 0:-)

You are the purest of all the humans, you have never told a lie and you have always done your homework. You have done your household chores, and when your parents say no to a handphone, you obey them. When you are not allowed to play the computer, you don't play. When... never mind, you already get it. You are also known as "goody-two-shoes" by the greater devils. Many people enjoy having you around. Keep this up! ^-^ And I hope you didn't lie just to get this result of course. =.=

So not true!! XD

Love or Hate?

Love / Hate

I'm lost with no direction...
I have to make decision..
whether to love you or hate you...

It's hurt loving you..
but it's more hurt to hate you...
I love you, and I hate that I have to hate you...

I don't want to hate you..
because I love you so...
It's confusing, yet need to be decide.

Whatever the decision are..
Remember that I will always love you...

Dear Love ~

Dear Love,
the moment you came into my life
is the moment you change everything in me...

Nobody would know how it feels like..
only we know...
about this beautiful feeling.
Life is wonderful when you're around...

So hold me in your arms, and never let go...
We will stay together forever..
just hold on...I'm holding on you.

Honey, I love you..
and I'll never let you go...
no matter what..I won't let go...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Difference..

Between Women and Men...

Look, there's a lot of differences between the genders...
But this is what I often see..
*please don't be offended~ :p*


(got this picture from: JellyMuffin)


Taylor's Parody??

I was watching some videos through YouTube a couple of minutes ago...
and I found this interesting clip~ :P
So I guess I should share it with you guys~!! XD

Just FYI:

I <3 Taylor Swift!!
But this is just so HILARIOUS~!!! XD

Check It Out!!

Click here for more parodies from this girl!! >>> VenetianPrincess <<< She's so creative!! XD

Taylor Swift: Straight or Curly?


Saturday, December 05, 2009

These can somehow relax me a bit~ =(

I'm kinda frustrated right now!
Ugh~!! x(
So stressing!!

Thanks to these song, White Horse by Taylor Swift~
It really help me to relax a little bit~
I feel related to it.. :)
I'm a really BIG fans of Taylor Swift by the way~!! ^^

You guys should check out this song~
You'll easily related to it...
I somehow can feel the pain she's feeling in this video~ LOL~!!  XD

Check It Out~ >>>

White Horse by Taylor Swift

The Lyrics


As you guys can see..
This song is one of the songs in my mp3 playlist here...
and hell yeah!! It's my favorite song!!! XD

Last Lullaby~ :'(

You should've took it seriously..
You should've know better..not to let me get hurt...
You must've known better whether it'll affect our relationship..
and you shouldn't done that...

I bet you knew that it'll hurt me f*cking bad!
You should've know that...
I know you knew it..
and that's why you kept it as your little dirty secret...
Don't you realize that sooner or later, I'll figure it out too?
Well, I already knew..

And you can't imagine how bad I feel right now..
You can't imagine how hurt it is to figure it out...
The truth...hurts as hell!

I'm dying to understand..
Why you did this...
Well, I rather be dead by now...

Honey, you heard me, right?
Yeah, it's damn hurt!
This will be your endless lullaby...

I rather begone by now~
Goodbye and sweet dream...

Quotes of The Day~!! ^^

Okay, so I was surfing on the WWW again! :P

Owh, well..It is my daily routine~ LOL~!! XD

So, you'll find that most of my posts are from the net because I want to share with you guys~ :) *you guys should be grateful tho~ xP*

Well, here it is~ the quotes of the day~ :)

(these quotes are credits to

Quotes of the Day

[Today's Quotes] 

Selected from

Michael Moncur's Collection of Quotations - December 5, 2009

Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution yet.
Mae West (1892 - 1980)- More quotations on: [MarriageThree o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.
Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980), Nausea (1938) "Vendredi"
Autobiography is an unrivaled vehicle for telling the truth about other people.
Philip Guedalla (1889 - 1944)
If not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.
P. G. Wodehouse (1881 - 1975)


 (c) 1994-2007 and Michael Moncur. All rights reserved.

(credits to

I <3 the 2nd quote~ ^^

TaylorSss!! XD

Owh, well..
Just F.Y.I, I'm not quite a big fans of Twilight, New Moon, TAYLOR LAUTNER or what-so-ever~
However, I'm definitely a BIG fans of Taylor SWIFT!!! XD
and I find that she's dating Taylor Lautner are SO cool~!!
It is!! Taylor dating Taylor, it sounds kinda cute~!! ^^

While I was surfing through the WWW,
I found out an article at the ~
It's about the couple, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift: A Day Together ~
Aww~ What a sweet Headline!! x)
So, here's the article I'm talking about~

(this article and photos are credited to and

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift:

A Day Together

Making the most of a Thursday evening, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted out to eat at Benihana restaurant in Beverly Hills last night (December 3).
The “Twilight” stud and his rumored “Love Story” girlfriends looked so happy together as they enjoyed some quality time at the popular hibachi eatery.

Earlier in the day, Lautner and Swift were busy filming reshoots for their sure-to-be-hit film “Valentine’s Day” at a local high school’s football field.
In the film, Taylor and Taylor play the homecoming king and queen Samntha Kenny and Tyler Harrington.  “Valentine’s Day” hits theaters February 12th, 2010.

Enjoy the pictures of Taylor Lautner out with Taylor Swift (December 3).

~End of article~

(the article and photos above are credited to and

Aww~ What a sweet couple~!! Wishes you both all the best!! I love Taylor Swift!!! XD

~GOD Bless This beautiful Couple~ ;)

^^ My Stick Family ^^


~My Family~

~The Edward Family~

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family,
with a great big hug,
and a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me TOO!

Who Is This NERDY Girl?! o.O"



How's this looks??

This makes me LMAO?!!! XD

Drop some comments, yea~ x)

Friday, December 04, 2009

This feeling right now..I'm craving for you...

Where are you?
I need you...

Can you hear I'm calling?
I'm calling for you...

If only you knew how bad I feel right now..
If only you knew how much I misses you...

I'm hunger for your love..
I'm dying without you...

You said you go for the better..
and you'll be back sooner...
But you didn't know what I feel..
because I'm the only one who feel it...

My Heart Beats For You...(Tee's Version)

It's been a long time since I last uses the Adobe Photoshop for editing...
 I was kinda bored just now, so I try to design some stuff~
And I end up design a t-shirt's graphic~
Well, as I mention before..I'm still an Amateur in this field~
Still learning~
So, don't expect the unexpected from me~ :P

Well, here it is...
My latest Amateur Artwork~ XD


SIMPLE?! I know!!! XD

My Amateur Tee Designs~ XD

These are my amateur artworks~
(Kinda embarrassing, cos it's my 1st time designing for tees~ 
Well, like I said, "Amateur's~")

Hee..Too simple kh?? :P

Just Smile~ :')

You're far away~

But still, I miss you so bad~!! ;'(

AeChi's Secret~!! XD

My version of Victoria's Secret!!  


Random Listing~ ^^

 For my next shopping lists!! Hee..
 Random stuffs!! :p

Gotta have ~

because..!! :p



I want one of those white dresses for my White Christmas!! XD


Nail polishes!! :)

I want these stuff!! XD

Song For You, My Dear...


Currently listening to:

30 Days by NeverShoutNever

(Trying to forget the sadness I'm feeling right now~)

My Dear boarding sudah!! Waa!! I'm gonna miss you so bad!!! Huhuhu~ Sob2x~


I have to think about other stuff for awhile~
If no, I think I would end up in the Mental Hospital~

P.s: Still in missing you mode! :'(

I Can't Stop~


MiSSiNG YOU~ :'(

I don't want you to go... :(

It's 3:37am...

Why do you have to go?? :(
I need you...
You'll be leaving at 5 or 6am..
Although you only be going for 3 days, but..
it's far bha!! x(
Can't stand the distance!!!
I want you near~
Stay here..Stay close...
Never leave me..

I just hope you won't do those things I warned you not to...

Please, always remember...
to keep me in your your thoughts...
Miss me!
and Take care~ :'(

P.s: I love you..and I'm gonna miss you so bad! Don't know what I'll do without you... :'(

Today's Activities (02DEC) Sequel: Awful People!!

Those people who don't care about other should just live in their one little planet,
which the only living that live there is them!!

Buduh oh the incident in Warisan yesterday~
Selfish people!!

Already terang lagi bersuluh the sign there,
masi jua bwat bodo kh??
ILLITERATE bha maybe kn??!!

Here's a couple of photos yg I captured~
(Not clear, coz i curi2x capture, mcm they sedar only tis..they tgk2x me~ Haha!! Sepa suru! :p)

Check them out:


Terang2x bha the sign there kn??
2 lagi tue~
Buta + Cacat kaley smpai xmampu kluar berasap!! x(

If maw matey tue, go ahead~
But jgnlah melibatkan others!!

That's the awful incident that I kept talking about last night~
Sampai rumah pun I still can rasa the asap yg I tersedut ohh!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Today's Activities (02DEC) Sequel: Sesampainya Carol~ (uysehh! xP)

I just awake~ =.="
Huhu~ I had a stomachache today early in the morning~

I fell asleep last night~
Xsmpat continue the story~
Okay, lets continue~

After Mar bought a skinny at 2nd floor tue~
Carol meet us there~
Then we go to Warisan~
Kunun2x maw JobHunt laa..hahaha
1st, we went to San Francisco Cafe~~
Hahaha!! Then The Body Shop~
But, seriously~ I don't have any idea about what we're doing~ =.="

After we pnat jalan2x~
We went to the Wardrobe Cafe~
And, there's where the stupidest damn incident happen!!!
Rupanya still got bha human beings yg still teda Tamadun ne!!
Urghh!! Awful behaviour!! x(

I'll continue this in the next post with the stupid guys' photos I captured!
Hold on...

Today's Activities (02DEC): Meet Up Mar~

Today I go jalan2x with..
Mar & Carol... ^^
Zaza was supposed to join us, but she didn't...
It's because there are some things that came up to her and she can't avoid~ =.="
*i think the moon came by to pay her a visit~ LOL! :p*

Okay, 1st..
I meet up with Mar at the Bus Terminal at 11++PM...
and then we go jalan2x around the Wawasan Plaza to cool ourselves with the free air-conditioner there! :P
After a while, we start walking at the Api2x Centre to get to Centre Point Plaza...

Bila sampai CP jak..
apalagi, trus went to the basement to the Nasi Ayam RM2.80~
(nahh! start ody the MaNglish!! XD)
We both haven't had breakfast bha~
So daym hungry lagi tue...hee~
We ordered 2 Nasi Ayam, Coke & Cola Float~
Hee~ The Cola Float of course is mine!! :P
Mm...while we were waiting for the foods,
tetiba muncul Mar's friend, Niki~
They cita2xlah, me pula buat bodo jerr..haha
(actually, xsabar the food smpai! XD)

after makan2x~
we go to the POSE Boutique~
I bought a cute white tee!! ^^
(this picture is credited to PoseBoutique)

Nice huh?? x)

urmm...after i bought tis shirt,
we went to the store at the 2nd floor~
i don't know what it called... o.O"
Mar bought a skinny there~
hee..only RM19.90 arr??!!
SALE~ waa...hahaha

entah brapa lama pastu, Carol pun sampai~

Eh, guys~
Next post bru story yg Carol smpai~ ;P

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Didn't sleep since last night~ o.O
I'm think I'm gonna be an owl soon~!! O.O
Huhu ~
I can't sleep~ it's not that I'm sleepy~
But, I feel weak...I mean realllyyy weak!!
Headache! Headache!
I feel like I'm going to faint~ -.-"
*mcmna maw jln gyni ne..aduyy..adalarh yg t'pengsan ne... =.="

It's time..(yawn~)

..for me to go to bed!! XD
I'm tired!
I need to get some sleep~
It's 03:37AM!!!???
What am I doing???
Gosh~ wasting my time only by searching for a temporary template~???
Jeez! What a jOke??!
Sleep~ Sleep~ Sleep~
Uh? Where's my pillow~??
Okay, bye2x now~
Good MORNING??!!

Uyeah!! Introduction of my NEW blog!! XD

My NEWEST blog has born!!
Bored with the old oneS~ =.="
Goodbye Xanga~ Goodbye Tumblr~ Goodbye my old Blogspot~
Bye2x all~
I hope I won't get bored with this one tho~ ^^

eNUFF!! now, NANG me!! :D